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Dec 8, 2016

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SAT Dec 10 


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Welcome to Mark's Pool's!

The website is for recreational purposes only. Predicting games, fake gambling, squares pools and more.

All for bragging rights and the ultimate goal of winning the Brass Rail Bowl!


Latest News:


Thursday Dec 8-

-Week 12 results and standings are updated, Week 13 lines are updated.


-Only 2 left in the Suicide Pool. Total of $750 will go to either Bill or Walt. Good Luck! I canít believe I got eliminated on a 2-point conversion return.....


-Only 2 more weeks. Left! Itís going right down to the wire for all pools!


-Iíll be starting to sell $50 Super Bowl Squares next week.


Wednesday Nov 30-

-Iím not sure if it was the turkey or maybe Iím going blind. Iíve corrected some errors on the pools and everything should be good now.


-Please let me know if you spot an error or mistake so I can make the changes online as soon as possible.


-Only 3 weeks left so time to make a move! Week 15 is the last week of betting unless there is a tie.


-Lines for Week 13 are updated and the standings after Week 12 are updated. Good Luck!





Tuesday Nov 22-

-Much better week for Champion Jack pool. 63% compared to the 32% win pct last week!!


-Thanksgiving Week Rules:

***Points Pool: Picks due WED if you are picking any THURSDAY games. You can send in just your THURSDAY bets and the rest of your picks are due Friday or you can send them all by WED night. I will only be posting peoples THURSDAY picks on the website.


Champion Jack Pool: Picks are due WED


-Week 11 is updated and Week 12 lines are updated


-Iíll be stopping at the Taproom Wednesday if anyone wants to stop for a Beer.




Tuesday Nov 15-


-Points pool went 21-45 for a loss of 148,000 points!

-Another Player is out with 3 more on life support

-Champ Jack Pool won only 35%

-To make things easier, if you have 1,000 or less points, bet it all on 1 game. No sense dragging it on!

-Week 10's horrific results are updated

-Week 11 lines will be updated Wednesday afternoon

-Reminder: Next Week is Thanksgiving.

†† The Thursday games are in play. Picks for the 3 Thurs games will be due Wednesday night. You can submit all of your picks Wednesday or you can just pick 1, 2 or 3 of the Thurs games and send the rest of your picks by Friday night. Champ Jack pool must pick the Thursday games.



Wednesday Nov 1-

-Week 9 results are updated.

-Week 10 lines are updated

-PLEASE have your picks in by Friday night!!


Wednesday Nov 2

-Week 8 results are updated.

-Week 9 lines are updated

-You CAN pick Monday games

- Please remember that picks are now due by Friday 9pm

Please make sure you get them to me so I can get them online sooner. Thanks!



Thursday OCT 27:

-Week 7 results are updated.

-Week 8 lines are updated

-Note: On weeks where there are more than 4 teams on a bye, you can pick the Monday game. This week, there are 6 teams on a bye so you can bet the Monday game and the Champion Jack players must pick the game as well

-Picks are due by 6pm on Saturday

-I am back to work so starting next week, lines will be posted on Wednesday and picks will be due on Friday.



Saturday OCT 22:

-Week 7 picks are updated.

-Error on CLE/TEN game last week has been fixed

-Good Luck!




-Week 6 results are updated

-Week 7 lines are posted

-Note: I have picked GB for my Suicide pick. Per rules, anyone who wants to pick the Thursday game must email/test it no later than 7pm

-If you still owe money for the pools, please give to me by next week. I will be at the Taproom next Thursday the 27th.

-Please remember: Picks for this week are due by SAT at 7pm

-Good Luck!






Thursday Oct 13

-Week 6 lines are updated

-Picks are due 6pm Saturday




**Week 5 picks are uploaded. Good Luck!





**Week 4 standings and Week 5 lines are updated

* Bye weeks start so there are less games to pick

*Please let me know if anyone spots an error. Iím human and my eyes arenít so great these days so if you see something wrong, please let me know.

*PICKS ARE DUE by Saturday at 6pm and will be updated onto the website Saturday night.

* Good Luck!




**Iím back home finally. Iíve updated Week 3 & Week 4.

* Iíll have this better updated by Tuesday. I spotted a couple of errors that I just need to check on and fix and then hopefully, everything is back online and ready to go!

*Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. That was a rough one but I am healing.




Friday Sep 22, 2016

**Week 3 is finally updated. Sorry for the delay

* Picks are not due until Saturday due to my lateness

*Please note: I am having surgery tomorrow and am unlikely able to update everyoneís picks for this week

*Everything will be back on schedule for Week 4

Good Luck this week!!



Monday Sep 19, 2016


**Wow, what a CRAPPY week!!!


* Week 2 standings are updated. Week 3 lines will be posted on WED


** Note: I am requesting that everyone please send in their picks by

8pm Thursday if possible. I am having surgery on Friday and will be out of commission for awhile. I have help with the pools but the picks will not be online this week unless I can get everyoneís picks. Thanks.



Saturday Sep 18, 2016


**Week 2 picks are updated. Good Luck!


Thursday Sept 15, 2016


**One week and I already have my first error. Somehow I had 13-10 score for the BILLS game, which was incorrect. The standings have been corrected.



Wednesday Sept 14, 2016


**The best advice I can give is to remember that this pool is a Marathon, and not a Sprint! Sorry Garrick, thereís always next year!

Note: the rule on Points pool is if you have LESS than 1,000 points, you will have to bet all your points on 1 game. If you have 1,000 or more points, you have to bet at least 250 points per game. In Garrick's case, he HAS to bet 4 games at 250 points each.


**Standings are updated and Week 2 lines are Posted.


*Please, if you spot an error or if I make a mistake on the point spreads, let me know as soon as possible so I can correct it and let everyone know. The mistake will get caught eventually and it will be much easier to fix if it is caught before everyoneís picks are in.


A Pretty pathetic Week overall as we lost a combined 48,000 points and our win Pct was only 41.6%!


**Reminder: Picks are due by Noon on Friday and starting this week, you can only bet on the Sunday games for the Points Pool and the Champion Jack Pool


**I use the average spread of 5 different oddsmakers for our pools. If 2 or more of them do not have a spread by Wednesday, I will list the game as "Np Points BetsĒ, which means you canít bet points, BUT you have to pick the game for the Champion Jack pool and you can pick one of the teams in the suicide pool


**If you want to pick a Thursday game for the Suicide pool, the pick has to be in by 6pm on Thursday


**The next update to this page will be Saturday morning and will have everyoneís picks online. Good Luck!



Sunday Sept 11, 2016


**And here we go!!!All Week 1 picks are in and updated. Click on the Week 1 links to see what everyone picked.


* GOOD LUCK to everyone! Thanks for playing and have fun!


Reminder: Starting Week 2, Point Spreads will be updated on Wednesday and all picks are due by noon of Friday. Call, email or texting your picks are fine



Thursday Sept 8, 2016


**Week 1 picks are due by Noon on Saturday. Starting next week, picks will be due no later than Noon on Fridayís.


**I will be trying to recruit up until Saturday so Week 1 picks will not be online until Sunday morning. All future weeks, the picks will be updated by Noon on Saturday at the latest.


** Payments: Please make your pool payments as soon as possible so I donít have to collect past week 1. You can mail me a check or even pay through PayPal if that makes it easier for you.


**Iím working on a new website and hope to have it online in the next week


Tuesday September 6, 2016


**Week 1 sheets are updated with this weekís games.

**Link is on the left

**Week 1: You can bet Monday games for this week only and Itís that time of year again. We had a lot of fun and it was very

**Picks are due no later than Friday night for week 1

**I will be at Taproom on Thursday

**Please email me if you are getting in so I can get a head count

**Thanks and good luck!!




Wednesday August 24, 2016


-Itís that time of year again. We had a lot of fun and it was very competitive last year. Iím running the same pools this year with some changes to the rules that will hopefully make it more fun and competitive.


-All 2016 Pools: Start in week 1


ō Points Pool$100Payout: 60%/30%/10%


--Each Player starts with 20,000 Points

(Iím bumping it up to 20k and hope this will really make things more fun and competitive.)


--Season starts on Week 1 and goes until Week 15

--Player must bet at least 1000 points per week

--Player must bet 4 games

(250-point minimum per bet)

--You can use any combo of points as long as each bet is at least 250-points. There is no max, you can bet all your points if you want.

*Example: You can bet:

††† Buff-250CAR-250 INDY-250 JAX-19,250 *

--Betting points ONLY on SAT & SUN games

†† (no bets THU or MON)

†† Exception: There will be betting on Thanksgiving games

--Point Spreads will now be posted on Wednesdays to get more accurate lines and will be determined by the 4 main oddsmakers

--Regular rules stay the same: no cheating with other players, you canít bet 2 teams on the same game, ties count as a push and no points are won or lost, bets can be made in any increments of 25 except on Week 15 when you can bet any amount....

--Bets are due by Noon each Friday. If picks are not in by the time the other Players picks are updated to the website, there will be a 500 Point penalty. I will try to contact you by email or text if I donít have your picks but in fairness to the others, you will need to send in your picks on time so I can get them online.

--If you have less than 1000 points, you must pick 2 teams for the same amount of points. Ex: You have 700pts: Bet #1-350, #2-350

--Players can purchase 2 pools

--Season ends after Week 15 on Dec 18th. Payouts will be on Thursday December 22nd at the Taproom. If you want to pick up your winnings before then, you can stop by my house and collect.


ō  Champion Jackís Pool $50*


--Starts Week 1 and ends Week 15

--Pick each SAT & SUN game with spreads

--Ties do not count

--Player with most wins after Week 15 is the Champ

--Payout is 65% for 1st place and 35% for 2nd place

--If tied, players will pick in Week 16


ō  Suicide Pool 1 $25Payout: see below


--Starts week 1

--Pick 1 Team each week to win & you cannot use that Team again

--Bets are ďwithoutĒ spreads so you are simply picking a team to win the game

--If there is a TIE game: If there is only 1 player remaining then you lose. If there are others still in the pool, you are NOT eliminated BUT you must pick two winners the following week. BOTH teams involved in the tie are not eligible for you to pick again in the pool.

*--Payout Option 1: If we get $500 or less (20 players), then the payout is Winner Take all.

*--Payout Option 2: If more than 20 players, $100 will be deducted from the total and paid out to the 2nd remaining player. If there are more than 1 player eliminated on the week someone wins, they will continue to play for the $100 until 1 person wins.

--There will be tiebreakers in place if needed.





2015 Champions:



Points Pool:

1ST:†† Carrie M 1st Place: $900

2nd:Lou C 2nd Place: $450

3rd:Cochise 3rd Place: $150


Champion Jack Pool:

Winner: Sammy$455

2nd place: Rory $195




Recap: Readerís Digest Version


All Pools:

--Picks have to be in by noon on Fridays

--Everyoneís picks will be on the web site no later than Noon on each Saturday

--Results of each week and the next weeks lineups will be uploaded to the web site by 9pm on Wednesdays


Points Pool:

--Each Player starts with 20,000 points

--Bet points on at least 4 games each week (250-minimum per game)

--Bet on ONLY SAT & SUN Games (except Thanksgiving)

--Bets are with point spread of games

--Player with most points after Week 15 wins

--Cost: $100

--Payouts: 60% for 1st, 30% for 1nd, 10% for 3rd

--Tiebreaker is winning percentage


Suicide Pool:

--Pick 1 team each week to win (no spread)

--You cannot pick the same Team more than once

--You can pick Thursday game but picks must be in by 6pm

--Cost: $25.



Champion Jack Pool:

--Pick every Sunday game each week, with spread

--Player with most Wins after Week 15 wins

--If tied, players will pick again in Week 16

--Cost: $50.





Archived News:


Future Pools:


$50 Super Bowl Squares

-Info will be posted in November



$25 NCAA Finals Squares

- (Coming in February)




e-mail your picks to:







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