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UPDATED:  Wednesday 4/9 at 10:00am





Squares Pool:  Click  HERE (PDF) or HERE (word doc) for final results


****Congrats to all the Winners!

  --Jody G wins the Final and Bob X wins the half!

  --Other Winners: Tommy (vz) * Brian 2E * Ted * Rich B * Cash/TNA * Sully * Russ * Gary (w) * Jeremy/Ryan * Kristin


****Payouts will be at Taproom Thursday. If you can’t make it, contact me and we will make arrangements.


Thanks for playing! Come back to this website in August for information on our Football pools


NCAA Pool:   Click  HERE (PDF) or HERE (word doc) for final results


**** Congrats to Moe & Nancy Who won 1st place with UConn

  --Russ/Matt took 2nd place

  --3rd & 4th go to Matt (kk) and Todd R (ss)

  --5th – 8th winners were: Cochise, Sam, Marci-Gilda & Lou C =  5th – 8th Place: $80


Thanks for playing, see you next year!





E-mail if you want to get in. (or Call or Text)


Thanks for playing !!